Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Updates

So I finally have some uninterrupted Internet time to give a little update.

1. I moved to Crystal's place now. This area of town is a bit like my Grand Rapids neighborhood.
2. I will be done working at Bronx-Leb this next week. The hospital is in a major crunch and downsizing a bunch of stuff and giving the travelers the boot. Try not to laugh but they shut down a psych facility at the other end of town and are going to put those nurses in ICU. Good luck BL! You think its bad now...wait til you get a bunch of old psych nurses who don't want to be ICU nurses!
3. Still have nothing lined up for after next week as far as job. My current company doesn't have anything in the area. I have been communicating with a bunch of other travel companies. Something will fall into place. Maybe I'll even have a week or two off while waiting.
4. "Dances with wind" (current boat) not in the water yet...still for sale.
5. "Chanty" (new boat in NF, Canada) still there and waiting for summer for me to come get her.