Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nome Adventures

Rolland on a dog run through Safety

Railroad to nowhere

Nome Kennel Club Cabin in Topkok

Recently Rolland took the dogs out for a training run. I ventured along on the snow-machine.  Nice weather on the way out.  I caught Rolland as he was passing by the Safety road house (22miles out).  Then I ventured on ahead to wait at the cabin in Topkok. On the way I passed the Railroad to no where.  I have only been here during the summer.  I continued on as it was getting really cold and windy.  The next part was even more windy through the "blow hole" area they always talk about on the Iditarod trail.  Once Rolland passed the cabin (47 miles) I again trailed behind for a bit then ventured on the find the next cabin where the dogs could have a rest for the night...we couldn't find it.  It had become dark by then, the radio battery was not too cold to work and not to mention my snow machine caved in through the top layer of a drift right on the trail...It was stuuuck.  I patiently waited for Rolland to catch up.  I could hear him on the radio but I could not communicate back.  He was threatening to turn around if I didn't answer.  I could see his super bright light so I started to run to it so that I would not be left there on the top of this mountain for the night.  He did see me and we got the snow machine unstuck, looked around a little longer for the cabin that was supposed to be there.  The dogs were ready to rest but unfortunately we had to turn back for 24 miles back to the Topkok cabin.  We rested the dogs there a few hours and headed the 47 miles back home.  I was a little worried as the wind was much stronger than the way out.  A few other snow machiners stopped in to tell me there was a wind storm happening and to be careful since visibility was only a few feet.  Thankfully I could follow their recent trail and along with my GPS I made it back safely with only a small frost bite on my cheek as evidence to the wind storm.  The dogs and Rolland made it back shortly after looking tired but happy with waging tails after running a total of 142 miles.  

Iditarod 2014

Trowbridge Family
Iditarod 2014

Aaron Burmeister finished 10th

Paige Drobny 25th place

Libby Riddles and Jannelle.  

Newton Marshall 43rd place

Marcelle Fressineau and Lisbet Norris the last two teams to come in.

Lisbet Norris

The Iditarod is more than a few weeks past now but this year I finally got to see the finishers come into Nome.  I only caught a few of them come in but now I have seen it with my own eyes.  So many grueling days of harsh cold wind and frost bite. Fatigued and bleary eyed they make the 1,000 mile trek with their team of dogs. Really Amazing.  
In the previous post Jannelle had completed the Jr. Iditarod and was the first girl to finish.  She received a fur hat made by Libby Riddles herself. Libby was the first woman to win the Iditarod race.  She was there at the Iditarod finish and they got to meet and have a quick picture.