Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ship Security

So, I finally have some internet time to update my blog and google+. One of jobs I had this summer was security for large foreign ships, checking everyone one in and out. The ships have been cruise ships, fuel ships, and research vessels. Lots of different kind of folks through here.

Sail Boat Delivery

I recently had the opportunity to crew on a 700nm trip delivering a sail boat from Nome, AK to Sand Point, AK. I was a bit seasick for the first day and a half but soon got over it by the time some heavy weather with 40 knot winds came our way. We tucked into Nunivak Island for a day to wait for the weather to pass. We then had a nice northwest wind to carry us all the way to False Pass. I saw some black and white dolphins (see video) that hung around for 2 hours playing in the waves in front of the boat.