Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Topanga State Park

Early  morning drive to Topanga Park doing some geocaching

Hardly on the trail and there was a deer.

Fire Ants

Eagle Rock (there was a geocache here)

View from Eagle Rock Ocean in the back
 Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock Sign

These pictures are from a few months ago.  I took the day and did some hiking and geocaching.  It was one of those hikes that you say I will just go on this trail and come back, but I just kept going and going and going, finding more and more caches.  I had no water left, was really thirsty and dehydrated and was getting really sunburn.  I came to an end of a trail to look for a geocache.  I passed by a house and there was a kid there about 9yr olds asked if I had a GPS in my hand I said yes and went on to my cache.  I found it came back toward the trail and the kid was still there with his younger siblings as if he was waiting for me.  He asked if I found what I was looking for.  I said I did.  Then he asked if I was a geocacher.  From there I ended up meeting his mom, getting a map of the trails around there, getting a nice long drink from the garden hose and then ventured with the kid to another nearby cache that I couldn't find...he had found it before. He was so happy that he could help and was chattering away about all the caches that they had found in the park.  I was happy for this encounter.  It was a good day. 

Don't Even Try It

I had to laugh when I saw these signs.  First because I am in shorts and my legs are unprotected from the rattle snakes.  Second because the next two signs add on an older sibling threat.  "Don't Even think about it."

dun dun dun...or else~

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wayfarer's Chapel

Happened to see this Chapel along my route to the sunken city.  I had read about this chapel before and was happily surprised to actually see this place.  Lots of weddings here. http://www.wayfarerschapel.org/

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Sunken City, San Pedro, CA.

Came here very early a few months ago to find a geocache  (I found it) Lots of very colorful graffiti but maybe not so appropriate for this blog.  Very cool place and lots of places to see in the area too.