Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Chanty on the truck

You can see where I did my best to scrub a few weeks ago.  

Now cleaned
On the sling on the way to the truck
Getting settled in the truck

The day went pretty good.  I left Marina Jack around 8am, arrived at the haul out marina around 10am during high tide, stripped and secured all last things on Chanty.  The crew hauled out the boat and power sprayed the hull.  I chipped away at a few unwanted growth that the sprayer couldn't get.  The trucker arrived soon after and after a few clarifications of some major miscommunication between trucker and marina manager about equipment, everything went relatively well.  I even made it to work just in time. 

I am now in Tallahassee on my way to "The Golden State."  The boat will be put in LA on Monday.  There will be just enough time for me to get there at a safe speed to meet the trucker in LA to inspect the boat before launch.  

On to the next adventure!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Leaving Sarasota, FL

The Volvo is ready and packed.  Tomorrow I take the boat to get hauled out and packed up on a trailer.  I work a few more days and take off right after I am done.  It will take me about 3 days to get to my new assignment in Los Angeles, CA.  It will be a pretty focused trip with not a lot of stopping.  Wish me luck.  

New GPS!!!

I got a really early birthday present from Rolland this year.  A new GPS.  It a Garmin Oregon 550.  I of coarse can use it 1.) on the water 2.) for the road for my cross country trip this week (probably most important) and last but not least 3.) I can download geocaches in it (most exciting!).  So no more printing up the paper version of the description or plugging in cool!  So these are a few pictures on my walk today.