Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chanty's New Sails

Rolland working on the asymmetrical spinnaker

Storm trysail (this takes the place of the mainsail and doesn't use the boom)

Rolland and Bianca

Bianca modeling for scale with the new main sail

Jannelle modeling for scale on the spinnaker

  Back in July of 2009 on the way down to New York City from Newfoundland, Chanty's  main ripped. (see old post).  It ripped at a seam so I was able to do a really rough job of hand stitching it back together until I could get someone to beef it up a little.  When I got to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (see old post) the jib ripped.  Luckily there was a sail maker in town to assess my sail situation.  It was concluded that there was too much sun damage on the jib and was beyond repair.  Lucky I had a Genoa that hadn't seen much use yet.  The main was then reinforced and usable.  I was given strict instructions to not take another big trip until these sails were thrown in the trash and new ones made.  Well here we are, a trip from NY to Florida later and in August of 2010.  A little late but at least happening.  I will now have a new main, a storm jib and storm trysail (main) and the most exciting of all and new to Chanty is the asymmetrical spinnaker complete with the spinnaker sock.  Chanty has never done good in light winds so this will be a great addition.  Rolland with the help of Jannelle and Bianca decided to take on the sail making challenge and put his industrial sewing machine to the test.  I don't think I will be disappointed. 

Butterfly Garden

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Megamouth Shark
These megagmouths are still around but rare.  I would hate to come across one of these. 

Whale skeleton