Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boat Plants.

Bell pepper





No, I didn't get a cat.  Although I have considered at one point getting one but I have found this is really working out just fine.  This one is the neighbors cat who wanders around boats on my dock.  Perfect pet really.  Comes to hang out when I am around the boat, I kick it back outside when I get sick of him or when he sheds to much.  He's not the type who likes to be pet so much...perfect pet.

So nothing has really been going on too much these days.  Just been working a lot.  I picked up another job one day a week.  This adds up to 4 days a week...doesn't seem like a big difference but man its exhausting!  But its a nice supplementary check.  I plan to stay here in LA area for sure another year maybe plus.  I just want to be plenty ahead for the next trip.  Days off consists of laundry, grocery shopping (lately at the farmers market), getting in a good work out at the gym and making lunches for the next few days a work.  Usually a movie in there somewhere too.  Also trips to the beach with my Kindle.  (Read the book by Rob Bell "Love Wins" which I very much enjoyed, opening my eyes to a few things that I just accepted as I was taught but not really knowing why or really getting it.) And even found a church/bible study that seems to work with my not so regular schedule.

Took the boat out a few days ago with a co-worker interested in one day purchasing a boat herself.  Perfect sailing day with sunshine, wind and a few sea creatures sun bathing in the middle of nowhere, which we determined were sea lions or seals.

I recently got a new grill and have been using it way more than I thought I would.  Also purchased a few plants that I hope survive.  They are all strategically placed so that Ben that cat wont eat them (and later barf it up on my boat) and also when watered it drains into the water.  The most interesting one is that upside down tomato plant.  It already has blossoms on it.  It gets a lot of attention from by passers.

Wild flower field

Lately, I have been driving by this field and my eyes can't get enough of it.  So bright and full of wild flowers in the middle of the city.  I took a nice walk through it and enjoyed every minute of it.