Saturday, May 30, 2009


                                                                Bianca Running
                                                  Jannelle and Bianca in grass

                                                       Bianca and Jannelle
                         Bianca and Jannelle  (J makes this face often)

                                                      Bianca, Me, Jannelle
                                        Bianca and Jannelle in the car


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So this week I am up in Newfoundland visiting family and seeing my new boat for the first time! Every thing is perfect and read to go. I am very excited! I have taken a ton of pictures just need to get them into my computer. Last week Fri-Sun was spent with Alan the previous owner going over everything in detail and learning all of Chanty's tricks and quirks. Monday we put her in the water. Rolland and I sailed her the next two days from Hodges Cove to Quidi Vidi (where Chanty will be staying for the next few months until I come back to take her home to the US). Monday was great sailing, we sailed just about the entire day. was cold, way too windy and it snowed, not to mention we had run out of alcohol for the heater half way there. We arrived in St. John's, at around 4pm and waited until high tide to go to Quidi Vidi through "The Gut". When we got home we ate and slept and regained our warmth and head back out at 10pm to make it through. Now I am rafted up to Precipice getting things into place for when I come next.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Mom came to NYC a while ago.  Finally have the computer back up and running to post a few pictures.    We went for a visit to Ellis Island and to Liberty Island.  My Dad came through here but we weren't able to find his family name.  But we found a few other relatives.  It was a sunny day but chilly.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More updates

Work:  Back at Bronx Leb...they extended me for 4 weeks.  I had a nice week off (which i was sick most of) I took care of some odds and ends, slept normal hours. 

Dances with Wind (Boat in NY):  Got the motor on the boat with a few of my boat yard friends on my week off.  Bottom paint is on (as noted in previous post).  Still for sale.  Soon will be in the water.

Place of residence:  Moved from Crystals...that didn't work out.  Now living with two co-workers between work and the boat.  Great location.

Chante (Boat in Canada):  Still up there waiting for me to visit at the end of this assignment at the Bronx leb.    

Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting the boat ready.

                                                                             Final stage

                                                                                       With tape still in place

This weekend I broke out the VC 17 and gave the haul a make over.  Aside from walking around with garbage bags over my shoes, the toxins that I inhaled, the copper specks on my glasses, the cloths that I ruined and my sore quads from squatting, the paint makes the boat look so much better.  The water line looks so crisp and clean.  Just have to do a few things on the motor and it will be ready to be put in the water.