Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pasadena "Dinner in the Park"

Happy Thanksgiving every one!!!

The serving hands.

I was greeted in my car like I had just finished a triathlon by a huge
 group of people when I dropped off a few donations.  It was great.

 Goody bags for after the Dinner

 There was a table for each type of food such as desserts, warm food,
beverages, plates and stuff, breads, and meats.  Very well organized and plenty of help, 
the volunteer registration was "full."

 The guests trickling in.

 Face painting for the kids.

 Waiting for it all to begin.

 Family Volunteers were abundant.

 The guests waiting in line.

 Finally...dinner is served.

 Some with family, 
 some alone,

and some with their pets. 

They have done this for the last 30 years.  They plan for 5,000 homeless to come. 
 There was a lot of food.  Wonder if this was comparable to feeding the 5,000 
back in the day.

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Sails here at last.

New Main

So a few posts ago I mentioned new sails were being made.  For the non sailor readers there is going to be a bunch of boat jargon.  The main point is a bunch of work was done, a few problems solved and a few more that need to be addressed.

 Rolland working on rigging.

Well a month ago Rolland came into town with the sails and we went to work doing a bunch of stuff on the boat.  Rolland worked on standing rigging (the part that holds the mast up) and I redid the running rigging (the part that holds the sails up), even got new life lines.  That stuff took most of our time.  Also had the yard redo the bottom, we put a new zinc on too.  The sails were not quite all the way finished so did most of the finishing touches....enough to get it on and see what else needed adjusting.  Turns out this main sail is a tiny bit longer than the other one, so later I cut some of the top off but not enough to make it fit.  Turns out that over the  last few years running rigging inside the mast has been a bit tangled but have managed just having a little friction when raising the main.  But now it can't go ignored any longer.  Just too much slack.  Its one of the deals that could take one try to fix or days of putting the halyards in and out until it works right with potential to hire some one with tricks to get it right.
Chanty with new bottom paint.
(Had the water line removed since it always had growth on it.
 It was easier to fill it in that to move the water line up...cheaper too.)
I cut the top head sail off and put a larger one one under it .
(this was to shorten it a little)

Other boat stuff I have been doing is working on the motor.  I found that when you don't run the motor often, it gets plugged and overheats.  So, with a lot of phone calls to Rolland, I managed to find the blockage by taking one hose off at a time.  Also discovered how to do other things like change the zinc on the motor and the temperature sensor and a review on how to change the impeller.
New impeller 
Old motor zinc
This was where the blockage was (hoses are off)

Aside from that have just been finishing the sails, splicing and whipping few lines.  Also did a sand down and re-varnish job on the rudder and still working on the companionway.  Still have to do finishing touches on the storm sails.  The next big project is a sail pack, (a device that collects the main sail without the sail going all over the place, nice for in rough weather when you have to get it down quick.) 

My first splice

You can sort of see the blue tape on the areas being varnished.