Thursday, October 15, 2009

Productive time off...

These last few days have been very productive since getting back from delivering DWW. Lucile, the oil change guru queen, came over and helped me do my first oil change on Chanty. After getting all the right replacement parts, the right tools to replace the parts, a lot of under breath cursing due to parts not budging, a pipe connecting to the through hull coming off and practically sinking the boat, well...we finally managed to pull it off. Chanty now has new oil and new filters. We later ate out celebrating our hard days work.

I also have been able to touch up on some of the wood work with varnish. The bright work now has about 5 layers on. I took off the traveler for a good sand down with now a first layer of varnish. The next project is the anchor locker on the front deck.

I go back to work tonight. This will be good since the weather is crummy and I cant do much outdoors anyway.

I think I am lucky I get to have the best of both worlds. I love sailing and the work going along with it. I love being a nurse and having the means to travel by boat to do it. I am blessed.

My Review of Forespar Mini-Galley 2000

Originally submitted at Jamestown Distributors

Forespar’s Mini-Galley 2000 is a compact, versatile and fully gimbaled marine stove that is ideal for small cruisers or racers where space is at a premium. The included low profile mounting bracket allows the entire stove to be easily detached and stowed when not in use. The complete set...

Great...but mine had a flaw

By Sailor RN from New York, NY on 10/15/2009


4out of 5

Pros: Easy To Use, Compact, Convenient, Attractive Design

Cons: Leaks

Best Uses: Simple Meals

Describe Yourself: Casual Cook

I Am A: Single Female

I love this stove! Works great for underway passages for simple meals. However, mine had a leak and had fire shooting out the side as the propane was still feeding it. It currently is at the manufacturer with a new one on its way back to me. They said out of 100 sold 6 had defects, 2 had significant leaks 1 of those was mine. I miss it terribly and highly recommend it!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pictures of Lockeport

I had the chance to do a little hiking soaking in more colors and smells of fall. Enjoy the pictures.

Our visit to Shelburne

I mentioned in an earlier post about Anne and Howard taking to thrift store in Shelburne. Apparently, the the movie "Scarlet letter was shot here a few years ago and "Moby Dick" was just recently shot here. It will be showing in 2010. It was a terribly raining day but I did get a few pictures. So most of these buildings have only 2 walls with nothing behind them (the whale bones are real by they way)


Ursula and I are on our way home on the Amtrak right now. I finally have some time to work on an entry here and post a few pictures. This ride home is very relaxing as I get to view all the fall colors along the coast of New England. I am glad to have delivered DWW to here new owner who will take care of her. I am relaxed for a while now...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ursula and I ended up staying in Lockport due to the weather reports of "gale winds." We will be staying here until Steve comes which is Thursday night. We had our showers last night at Anne and Howard's house. Retired folks are always good hosts because they have time. They are taking us to Shelburne to see around and most importantly go to what sounds like a really good thrift store! I have been going through thrift store withdraw and very much look forward to this event. In New York the thrift stores are so pricey because rent space being so high. Its raining today...perfect day for being off the boat and touring around. Hopefully I can get some photos to post to keep my updates a little bit more exciting.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So after I picked up Ursula we went through the night through to the Cape Cod was phenomenal, lights lit up on both sides, we slithered along at 8m/hr (that's fast for me) at half throttle, the river to ourselves and the waters calm. Well for a while anyway...the rest of the night/early morning was a little more rough. Winds picked up to the point had to pull in some sail...I did the jib first but it got all tangled in the wind, we then jibed a few times causing the main sail tracks on the sail to snap...every one. Ursula proved herself seaworthy by steering the best she could while I managed the sails. We arrived later that afternoon in Portsmouth, ME or is it NH? Its on the boarder, I guess we took the Maine side. We took a mooring, rested (I slept for 15 hours), refueled and headed across the bay for the next 300 miles to Lockport, Nova Scotia where we are now. I got a bunch of errands done with the help of the friendly people of Lockport such as faxing, copying, mailing, Internet, even got a ride to the gas station to fill up my jerry cans and later tonight showers at the home of one of the people from the town hall. It was nice to be taken care of...probably they felt sorry for my matted hair, gasoline smelling body and very red windburned face.

The plan is to make a 24 hour or so jump up to Halifax through some pretty ugly weather tomorrow and be done. Just to reassure those who worry...we will pull into a port if it really is too bad out.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 2

Hair washing weather

Today we motored until about 1400 finally being able to cut the motor noise and sail for a while. We took naps, cleaned the deck, in short sleeve shirts, and washed my hair. Very nice day. Did I mention I like sailing in October?

Catalina Delivery

Lucile eating powdery donut

October I left with my friend Lucile to deliver the Catalina to its new owner. Dances with Wind was launch at 0900, we left the dock by 1000 and made it to Stonington at 0500 the next morning sailing the entire way. Here we dropped off Lucile and picked up Ursula and left again at 0700. I think I like sailing in October.