Monday, May 26, 2008

Sailing Solo

I have many years of sailing under my belt but it has always been with other trust crew mates. From now on I will be the skipper, the helmsman, the crew member, the galley supervisor all at the same time. This is all OK with me. The part I get most nervous about is going inland and having to approach a dock!

Any way, to boost my security level, this past March I took a great trip to the Virgin Islands and took an American Sailing Association class. The beauty of the place is just phenomenal to start with but also got to sail with some other sailors who where there to kick some of the their fears too.


Melissa Schilthroat said...

Hello! Your new adventure sounds so exciting! I can't believe you are going to sail solo, but if anyone can do it, I know you can! I will be anxious to hear about all your new experiences. I wish you the best!
P.S. Will you be catching fish and eating them?

Jennifer said...

I'm so envious. I wish I was packing up everything again and heading into a great adventure. Be sure to keep us updated. I can live vicariously through you!

Ruta and Eugene said...

Hi Rachael,

Hope you're all settled in at City Island and your job is going well. We actually came looking for you at City Island but with no luck. The place is just too big. Remember when we were stepping our masts at Castleton and we said you couldn't leave until our mast was up because we were using your lines. Well guess left without them as you probably know by now. We are leaving the 79th street boat basin Tuesday morning. We were told that we could leave a parcel for you in the mail room right next to the office. The boat basin is staffed 24/7. Ring the buzzer at the gate near the office, just on the bike path, and someone will let you in.
Our e-mail address is but we only get access sporadically.

Best wishes....we enjoy reading your blog!

Ruta and Eugene Girdauskas

Ursula said...

Hi Rachael,

Had lots of fun reading your blog. Seems there's been no shortage of adventures on your trip so far :-)
Happy sailing!