Sunday, January 17, 2010

Before I left NYC I had a professional rigger inspect my standing rigging .  Everything looked safe at least for one more trip.  This was sort of a light inspection not looking under stuff that was taped or under the roller furler.  Well, I'm glad Rolland insisted on doing a more thorough look.  The last picture is what we found.  One more trip with a little wind would have been the end of a sailing Chanty.

After taking these pictures I noticed how low Chanty sits in the back...this is what happens when you remove the mast on some small boats.

The third picture shows a handy little stand I made after Rolland left.  Getting the mast on that stand by myself was the hardest part.  My shoulders hurt for three days after from taking it up and down and up and down after re-cutting and re-screwing the stand until it was just at the right hight for me to stand under.

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