Sunday, April 25, 2010

Leaving Sarasota, FL

The Volvo is ready and packed.  Tomorrow I take the boat to get hauled out and packed up on a trailer.  I work a few more days and take off right after I am done.  It will take me about 3 days to get to my new assignment in Los Angeles, CA.  It will be a pretty focused trip with not a lot of stopping.  Wish me luck.  


shirley said...

Hi Rachael,

My prayers go with you that you may have a safe trip without incident.

Love mom

Life 102 said...

Have a fun cross country trek Rachael!! Hope that Volvo holds out!!!!

Ren said...

Only 3 days to make it to LA is going to be pushing it. Not that YOU can't do it, just be careful. Remember: A volvo is not a boat. You can not sleep in it while it's still moving! ;)

LA should be fun! We'll be driving out to the West Coast in June but taking a much slower pace with the kiddos.

Hey, the new GPS is awesome...even better than ours! So glad you got it figured out but seriously, let us know if you have any questions and we can help you out!

Have fun and safe travels!