Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Uneventful trip:FL to TX

I didn't make any stops on this part of the trip.  I worked all night, got in the car and drove eight hours straight to Tallahassee..  I only took a couple of pictures through the window, and Florida isn't exactly spectacular from the road.  Not my best pictures ever.  I enjoyed the trip as best as I could.  My simple trusty Volvo doesn't have air or even a radio.  I have her loaded down to the maximum any car could carry. Sometimes climbing those hills in out West meant having to down shift to 2nd gear barely crawling at 25m/hr.  I traveled at night as to not be pressured by the speeding traffic around me and to not stress the car resulting in a breakdown.  I stopped in Tallahassee, Dallas, Albuquerque and now in LA.

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Ren said...

You made it! Can't wait to hear all about California...one of the States I haven't had the privilege of visiting yet.

Good work, Rachael!