Monday, June 14, 2010

Alaska- geocaching

Bianca, Rolland, Deb. Jannelle with Nome in background

Steaming Volcano 
(just kidding...just a vertical contrail from a plane that happens to be behind a few rocks)

Nome at 0100.  24 hours of light.  It was a little strange...I never wanted to go to bed.  We were still out geocaching after 10pm with sun shinning brightly.

Rolland at the radio station KICY in Nome doing his Sunday routine.

Rolland, Jannelle,  Bianca

Musk Ox that was in the way of our cache that we were trying to get to.  I have to laugh when I see these looks like two hunched humans with really skinny legs with a big hide thrown over them.

Me geocaching.  Nome has the best geocaches I have ever found.  The hikes to get there are phenomenal, the views breathtaking and the cache containers are so huge,

Trowbridge Family and their ride

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Life 102 said...

Great pictures Rachael! Deb, Rolland and the girls look good and I agree, great scenery.