Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chanty in France
Rachael leaving Quidi Vidi
Rolland actually smiling in a photo

Left Quidi Vidi last Tuesday night. We made it to St. Pierre, France. (A little french area off of Canada) So now I have a french stamp in the passport. So every thing has been going pretty good. Besides the seasickness, motor stalling because of air, halyards getting caught on the mast steps, not having the right charts, halyards not in the right tracks inside the mast, a ripped sail, hail and lots of rain and lots and lots of fog, Steve and I are still alive. We were able to read the motor manual and bleed the air out, seasickness only lasted one day, repaired the sail by hand in St Pierre (took the whole day) and got a few charts. What else, finding places to get fuel has been challenging. Right now waiting for a person to come special to turn the diesel pumps on for us in the bras d'or lakes being Sunday and all. Next place to fuel...nobody really knows here.

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Jennifer said...

France? Your passport is working harder than mine right now ;) And Steve?! Did I miss something?
Glad to hear you are doing well!