Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pasadena "Dinner in the Park"

Happy Thanksgiving every one!!!

The serving hands.

I was greeted in my car like I had just finished a triathlon by a huge
 group of people when I dropped off a few donations.  It was great.

 Goody bags for after the Dinner

 There was a table for each type of food such as desserts, warm food,
beverages, plates and stuff, breads, and meats.  Very well organized and plenty of help, 
the volunteer registration was "full."

 The guests trickling in.

 Face painting for the kids.

 Waiting for it all to begin.

 Family Volunteers were abundant.

 The guests waiting in line.

 Finally...dinner is served.

 Some with family, 
 some alone,

and some with their pets. 

They have done this for the last 30 years.  They plan for 5,000 homeless to come. 
 There was a lot of food.  Wonder if this was comparable to feeding the 5,000 
back in the day.


shirley said...

Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving Day. It looked quite interesting and a new experience. We have a lot to be thankful for.

Love Mom

Tress said...

I just looked at your pictures,the pictures tell a lot.Thanks for letting us see them.Hope you had a good thanksgiving day.LOve you,Aunt Tress.