Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas in Nome

"Snow Machining" (aka snowmobiling) in Nome.  We are dressed for 0 degrees F.
I got cold just waiting outside for the snow machines to be started
and ready to go.  Deb and Rolland bought seal skin hats.
We all wore two hats, many scarves, and feet and hand warmers (of course after we
got too cold). 

Bianca running away from the camera (a common event)

Jannelle getting the the van for our snow machining afternoon.

Rolland in his seal skin hat.  

Rolland, Deb, Bianca and Jannelle.

Rolland gave us all really sharp knives for Christmas.  I unfortunately experienced just how sharp while removing it from its case.  No one believed me that I sliced my thumb, I just got scolded for swearing.  The blood that came next was a little more persuasive.  Rolland  was more than excited to use his first aide kit (contains everything to run a small clinic-including intubation kit but just short a defibrillator).  I had my wound irrigated and a pressure dressed before I knew it.  


The Trowbridge family with all of their loot.

Me in front of the frozen ocean.
Christmas with the Trowbridge family was very good.  We did some snowmobiling (only for a few hours...soooo cold) the first day on Christmas Eve and later to church and then a nice little Christmas dinner and gift exchange.  Saturday was vegging out and doing nothing and later some sledding (man that wind can be wicked).  We did pretty good with two sleds.  We dressed a little bit better for the sledding by putting the hand/feet warmers in before waiting for our appendages to get too cold.  (It makes me wonder why we never used those things when I was growing up.  Those endless hours of outdoor work in the cold would have been much better.)  It seemed to be such a process before going anywhere...had to dress before going, even if driving there (the van doesn't warm up especially fast.) And then upon arrival removing everything before you start sweating too much.  Sunday was radio station for Rolland (I went with him) and then church and a lot of time of just hanging out reading/movies/eating/music etc.  The last day was actually a productive day.  Since it was Monday Rolland was back to work so Deb and I did some work on the upstairs apartment that they will be moving into this week.  Deb cleaned the walls and I taped for a coat of paint.  Rolland surprised us and got the afternoon off and we finished up by getting 2 layers of paint in the living room and kitchen.   We covered up the previous color we think was called "dirty water" and now looks 100% better and brighter.  All ready for the Landlord to put in the new kitchen cabinets.  We all had one last evening together sharing a taco dinner, a movie and even desert.   I left that evening, took a night flight home and now here in 60 degree F weather in LA and back to the busy city where people steal from you the cab that you are already getting into.  Pretty crazy how different things are in all aspects. It was good to be in Nome for a nice slower pace.

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Life 102 said...

You all look cold! glad you spent the holidays with family. FYI- Steve and Linda Prescott just might be headed to Anchorage for a travel assignment in February.