Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cape Canyon Tour

Ready to charge
A cloud


The tour truck

Lots of secluded beaches

Whale vertebrae

Twin rocks

Two Harbor
The second day in Catalina I went on the Cape Canyon tour.  Basically an army truck used for touring the back roads of Catalina Island.  It was very adventurous and I learned a ton about the Island.  Saw a bald eagle, a fox, a bunch of quail and tons of baby ones.  Even saw a few bison there.   Turns out they were brought there for a movie and were never left. Fun fact about bison...they are so top heavy that they have to rock back and forth to get momentum to stand up.

 We made stop at the Airport too.  Super small with just little planes for rich people and their private planes.  Turns out the airport was made by blasting the top of the mountain off to make the runway.  Anyway had a buffalo burger, it was good.  Lots of good scenery but also a bit overcast at times.

The afternoon was a tour trip to Two Harbors on the northern end of the island.  If I come back to the Island I would take the boat and moor/anchor here.  This is the more rustic end of the island where campers go.  There is one restaurant, only a few places to stay, a general store and a equipment rental place.  There wasn't a ton to see here.  But next trip will be riding bike on the inland trails.

 The trip back to Avalon was a flying fish tour.  It was interesting but I have experienced flying fish before with a few landing on deck on a past sailing trip.  A few days later there was a foul dead fish smell that I could not detect the source.  A few weeks later it was found and disposed of very quickly.  So these fish use flying as a self defense mechanism.  In the water they look like regular fish but when the jump out of the water they spread their wings and glide where ever the wind takes them in effort to confuse the predator.  No pictures of the fling fish...they are too fast.

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