Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Joshua Tree National Park

Split Rock
Found her...hmmmm

Skull Rock

Sun Rise


Jennifer under "The Arch"

Wind Farm outside the park
(Photo taken by Jennifer)
This past week my college friend Jennifer came for a visit.  We made the drive to Joshua Tree National Park.  This place is so beautiful.  I may end up coming again sometime.  We ran into some snow...been a little while for me and snow, it was strange having to drive careful because the road was icy.
I am repeatedly reminded how lucky we are to have National Parks to visit where things are left uninhabited.        It was good to have Jennifer, my fellow explorer and adventurer, here to enjoy this place with.

Out with a Bang

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Jennifer said...

Hey! I made the blog!! This was a bunch of fun! Lets do it again sometime :-)