Monday, September 24, 2012

National Park Drive By

Driving through Dixie National Forest
My next stop was going to be in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  I was happy to find out that I would be driving through a few other national parks that I had read about.  I found myself stopping to get a few pics some of the miraculous landscapes. But I was also on a time constriction so the stops were limited.  One stop that I didn't get any pictures of was in Canyon Reef National Park.  In the middle of this huge canyon and red walls was a little u-pick apple orchard where I stopped to grab a few.  

Some where on High way 12.
Southern Utah landscape is so diverse.  One minute its towering red rock, next you are in a forest, then passing by mighty canyons.  Abruptly, the speed limit drops to 25m/hr due to curvy roads and steep drop offs, then back to dry dessert and cracked up river beds, then comes a meadow with horses grazing.  Pretty great.

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