Thursday, October 9, 2008

Self portrait

A walk across George Washington Bridge (on the way to do some Geocaching)


Ren said...

Yay! I saw that your numbers went up and it looks like you found some good ones! Great job!

Jenn's Adventure said...

Nice shot Rachael, interesting perspective. Hey, Gary say hey and to tell you he bought a sailboat for himself. He's been out a lot this summer...he was pretty excited.

Melissa Schilthroat said...

Hey Rachael!! Sorry I have been out of touch with you for sooo long! I am still so amazed at what you are doing and I think your pictures are awesome. I love the wooden fish ones. When I first looked at them I thought it was a really huge giant fish. You are quite the photographer! Sounds like your having a good time! I am going to make sure I stay updated with your blog, it is very interesting to read about your adventure!