Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Walk Across George Washington Bridge

Last week I did a little site seeing/geocaching. I had been wanting to check out the George Washington Bridge which at one point I had anchored near while on the way to City Island. The GWB connects NJ and NY. It is a mile long and it sways when you walk on it. I took the camera, of course, since bridges are usually a good subject for photography.

This is looking south. NY on the left, Hudson River in the middle and NJ on the right.

While searching for caches there were some great views of NY along the trail/cliff I was following.

As I had my head buried in the GPS to find the cache I walked into a young dear who was
grazing about 10 ft from me right in the way of the cache! It was not startled at all. I got a few pics and then it trotted on its way as the sun was setting over the sky scrappers of NJ.

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