Monday, September 5, 2011

Bus Tour Las Vegas-Grand Canyon

The Bellagio Hotel

Glass Flowers on the ceiling.

Bellagio Fountain show

Fountain show

Volcano at the "Mirage"

Largest screen in the world 1500ft long, Freemont Street.

Spider-man and the Transformers hanging out, batman was busy with some kids.

View from the Stratosphere

Last week I took a  Chinese/English bus tour to Las Vegas/ Grand Canyon with a group of people from work.  We left early Sunday morning and arrived in the afternoon at the Stratosphere Hotel.  Every thing is super cheap just to get you there so that you will spend your money at the casinos.  In fact, if you cancel you have to pay a fine multiple times more than what you actually paid for your ticket to get there since they were planning on you spending a lot of money.  

The first day was mostly driving to get there with multiple pits stops. I went on another bus tour in the evening of some of the hot spots on "The Strip."  And then to the top of our hotel where there were a few rides.  Busy Day.


Phil Grahm Salt said...

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Patrick Jude Gable Hodack said...

Did you gamble away your savings? (c; Knowing you, they had to drag you out of the casinos.. just kidding. Great pics as usual, someday I'll get to Vegas but not for the gambling either.