Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Grand Canyon

The second day of our trip was to the west rim of the Grand Canyon.  This was for sure what I came for and was not disappointed.   

A couple of us decided to pay the big bucks for a helicopter and boat ride.  We were picked up at the top, we rode down to the bottom, rode up the Colorado River for a while then got back in the helicopter to ride back.  It was pretty cool!  It is really hard to put into perspective how big this place is with nothing around for scale.

From the Helicopter

Boat Ride

Eagle Rock

Sky Walk- has a glass bottom to see below you.

Hoover Dam

118 degrees F.  Hot day.

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Patrick Jude Gable Hodack said...

HOT!! whoa! But wow, that Canyon is amazing! You realize 10 years ago, it was closed to tourist for 9/11? I just thought of that. Your trip looks excellent and fulfilling, glad you paid the "big bucks" for the helicopter and boat rides, looks like it was well worth it.