Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Afternoon of Bliss

Yesterday i had the opportunity to go sailing with Lucille in her 9ft little sailboat that she has. It was the perfect day. She let me take the helm and manage the sails on the way out and she took a turn the way back. We went on the other side of the Island weaving around boats in the mooring fields to check out a boat that she used to own. We made it there and saw a huge cloud coming our way. We made it back just in time. We packed everything up and it started to sprinkle. To top things off we saw a rainbow. We decided then to go get a bit to eat out. She took us to the little Italian place in a strip mall where you would never think a nice white table cloth restaurant would be. Good sail! Good food!! Great Day!!!

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Ren said...

Just a general comment not related to this post in particular...
Please post more! You do a great job and I just love seeing your photos.
Also, we are going to be near NY Sep. 27th - October 5th if you are still going to be in the area.
Saw you got another cache! Good job, SailorGirlRN!