Thursday, August 28, 2008

Touring around....

Today was a day spent sleeping in. After dragging out of bed I went off to Queens to pick my new pair of glasses. I took along my little tourist book to see what was to do. Once I got used to sensation that I was about 10ft tall when looking at the ground I decided to take the 7 train to Grand Central Terminal - to see it all and go to the interesting stores there. Then I took the 6 to go to Battery Park ( This is the very south part of Manhattan where you take the ferry rides to Ellis Island and the green statue lady. I have been here before but don't remember a thing about it. I was really wishing I had my camera because there were so many things that would have made good photos. I think I will have to visit there again. I then set out walking in search of some thrift stores that my guide book told me about. This gave me an excuse to venture to places other than where the popular places are. In the end the thrift stores were really not thrift stores and I ended up going to the popular places. I wound up at the World Trade Center ( and spent a little time there. There is a little museum with videos and pictures and stuff. I shed a few tears for those lost and for those who survived. A couple weeks ago I talked with Lucile about the experience of 9/11. She was a teacher at the time. She remembers that there was just a period of waiting, to find out whose parents and other family members were alive and whose were not.
I then went on the visit the Financial District Building. Lots of stores and places to eat and the Hudson River to gaze on.
Lucile invited me to go to listen to her friend play in a band so I met up with her and her daughter Laura for a bite to eat at Katz's Delicatessen Inc and headed off to the band. It was rock'n'roll and at a really dark bar type place. Not really my type of place...I was a little uncomfortable. It was something different and met a few people. I am safe at home now from noise, loud shouting for conversation, slurred speech, repeated phrases, loss of thought processes and now thoroughly enjoying the gentle rocking in my boat listening to the calm waters. I think I am ready for bed. g'night.

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Jenn's Adventure said...

The green lady? Did you say that cuz you couldn't remember her name or that's what you call her? That's funny. Sounds like you are seeing some good sights in NYC, are you going to extend?
Sounds like you are having fun, talk to you soon,
Love jenn