Friday, August 8, 2008

Night Out Racing

On City Island, Wednesday night is the racing night for the sailors. Last night was my first time participating in a race. The name of our team boat is "Wild Child." We placed 5th out of 6 in our division. Our captain is Brad who works at the City Island Yacht club, his wife Peggy takes the helm; Mike, Victor and I do stuff in the back when we tack and Maggie manages the front with spinnaker poles and such. I don't know much about spinnakers since i don't have one. So not only am I learning about racing but other types of sails as well.
It gets pretty hairy as all the boats are getting ready to start. The boats are places in divisions according to size, make, speed capability (like a triathalon with heats...m/f, age). As one division is starting the next division starts to hover around the starting area. The start for sailboats is not started at a dead stop like you would for a race with horses or runners. Every one is in motion trying to calculate just right so that when the horn blows for your division you are just crossing the start line instead of heading other direction in order to not cross the line too early. It was such a gorgeous night with plenty of wind. It was the first time for me being out on the water since I have arrived in NYC. I forget what I miss until I am out there again.
This team does some weekend races as well in the Long Island Sound. I hope to be able to join them and see The Sound...I hear it's very beautiful. It's fun to sail with others again and make some more freinds and share stories. After the race we packed the boat up and headed in to feast on the $10 buffet and lots of ETOH (alcohol-for the non-nursing people). I am learning that the party afterwards is the big deal; to celebrate the hard work of the race and brag about how good they did or how next time they are going to beat so and so ect.

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