Friday, December 5, 2008

Down payment on the Contessa 26'

(this is the whole picture)

I am getting a new boat.  The 26 Contessa is a foot smaller than the Catalina.  It has a full keel, and more stable in structure.  Basically it is better for more off shore cruising and set up better for a single handed sailor as myself.  I pick her up in April.  She is way up in Newfoundland Canada.

The Catalina is now on the hard, emptied, cleaned and ready to be sold.  She has treated me well.  I will miss her...  

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Life 102 said...

Sweet Rachael! Congrats on a new home and moving onward and upward to a new vessel. It looks lovely, now how are you gonna get it to you? Rolland sailing it or are you?
Hope you are well!