Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays to All

Starting January, I will be living in Manhattan for a very reasonable price with my friend Ursula.  I was able to extend at this hospital for another 13 weeks.  This new place will be much closer to work.  It will be a relief to not have to have such a long commute to work and back.  It will be one train ride instead of 3.  Plus I started working 4 nights a week instead of 3.  You think 3 really isn't much.  Its not really, but since I started 4...well 4 is hard work.  Much more exhausting.  


Jennifer said...

There is no snow in any of you pictures. Please tell me you have a little of this white junk up there! I miss you. Have a great Christmas Rachael!

MoMologette said...

Four shifts eh?! No thanks! That would be very hard work. Hope the pay is good though! And how neat to be right in Manhattan! Hope you had a great Christmas!