Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I miss my house

I am officially off the boat and at Maggie's place with her and her sister Agatha.  I already miss my boat and the space that is practical for just me.  It's strange that the area that I sleep on at Maggie's house is bigger than the boat all together.  You would think that it would be good to have all this space.  It's just not the same.  I don't feel as cool any more.  I can't say to my co-workers I live on a boat and see their faces of "what did she just say," or "who is this girl," and all the following questions that go with the whole picture.  I was interesting.  Am I still interesting now that I live on land?  Am I starting to just be like everyone else?

Despite all the sorrow, I don't miss the walk across the boat yard to take a shower.  I enjoy the fridge with a freezer, a real oven, a nice bed, and the best of all I can go to the bathroom and not worry about how soon I have to empty the port-a-pot. 

All for now...


shirley said...

It sounds good to me Racael. You'll get use to it real fast and love it.

Life 102 said...

Probably like culture shock, being on land withe rest of us land-lubbers! Arhh!! (c:
At least you can get back to the boat in what, three months? That's not too bad...right?

Jennifer said...

Does this mean that you have an address now?!

MoMologette said...

Like the new jib...I mean crib! ;)

You're still PLENTY interesting. don't worry!