Tuesday, September 1, 2009

French Sailors

I noticed a few days ago this steel hulled boat anchored out side of Consolidated. It looked like it had seen a lot of ocean. On my out to scrub the bottom of the Catalina, I stopped over to see if they needed anything. I met Julien and Anyes (pretty sure i am spelling this wrong) on "La Mandragore," a couple from France. It was such a delight to meet some real young cruising sailors. We exchanged websites and later they came in to see about where they could find a mooring for a week with facilities for some family that will be coming to visit them for a week. We are meeting again tonight for dinner.
So here is Chanty in her current home. I scrubbed her bottom after the Catalina. The Catalina was very bad, lots of barnacles leaving me with cuts and scrapes on my hands. Thank goodness I have a wet suit. It was covered in wiggly squirmy bugs by the time I was done. When I was out of the water for a bit, I could feel them wiggling in my hair. baa a a a...too bad I wasn't finished yet. Another time I took in a mouthful of the bug infested waters. That was really bad...I can just image them clinging on my intestine walls sucking my blood...I hope I don't die.

Any way, then went to finish up Chanty which was super easy compared to the Catalina with only a thin layer of grime and not barnacles yet. Then went to go take a very thorough shower.

Work has been great! I feel like a broken record but it is like heaven compared to Bronx-leb. I have no complaints.

What else? Oh yes, the first week of October my good friend Ursula and I are going to deliver the Catalina to Yarmouth, NS. This is sort of a half way point to Newfoundland where the new owner is. The new owner is Steve, who helped me the first few days of my trip from Newfoundland. Yarmouth happens to be the calculated point I can get to with the amount of time that I have. From there I leave her to Steve to take care of and say goodbye.


Life 102 said...

so glad you sold the boat, what a relief huh? I got the chills and shivers from the gross bugs you encountered. GROSS!! you probably only have 6 weeks to live... (c:
Glad you are enjoying work,

Jennifer said...

"That was really bad...I can just image them clinging on my intestine walls sucking my blood...I hope I don't die. "

I hope you don't die too. :)
P.S.- you really should get on facebook. I'll be easier to talk...

MoMologette said...

EEWWW! Yikes....I think you should drink lots of beer to make sure they don't live in your intestines. :) Just sorta kidding...but it sounds kinda fun anyway and I was trying to think of something that might be kind of corrosive, but not gross or deadly to drink. Beer is all I could come up with. I'm trying to brush up on my French reading that other blog... It might take me a few days to get through the first page. ;)