Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sailing on the Hudson

Maggie's Boat "Incredible"

Yesterday I went to visit my friend Maggie and to see her new boat. The three of us me, Carly and Maggie took a ride up to George Washington Bridge and back. It was a gorgeous day...a little chilly but great sailing. It is good to see the excitement in Maggie as she has been for so long wanting to buy a boat and do what she is doing now. She was on the waiting list for a while now for a slip at 79th st boat basin...well it was her turn and she needed a boat to put in it.

Capt'n Maggie

The Hudson has a lot of factors affecting your sailing day. We have to go out just before high tide and be back only a few hours after high tide otherwise its too shallow to get back to the slip. The wind is very shifty not to mention its a river so tacking is often. Barges, Coast Guard and ferries are frequently passing by. Also we were keeping eye out for the "dead body" of someone who jumped off the GW bridge or was it the Tapenzee bridge?

Barge with Subway cars
(Pictures of people done by Carly...edited by me)

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Life 102 said...

first, dead body??!, second, looks chilly but nice and third, great pics!
Glad NYC is still treating you well. You look good.