Thursday, October 15, 2009

Productive time off...

These last few days have been very productive since getting back from delivering DWW. Lucile, the oil change guru queen, came over and helped me do my first oil change on Chanty. After getting all the right replacement parts, the right tools to replace the parts, a lot of under breath cursing due to parts not budging, a pipe connecting to the through hull coming off and practically sinking the boat, well...we finally managed to pull it off. Chanty now has new oil and new filters. We later ate out celebrating our hard days work.

I also have been able to touch up on some of the wood work with varnish. The bright work now has about 5 layers on. I took off the traveler for a good sand down with now a first layer of varnish. The next project is the anchor locker on the front deck.

I go back to work tonight. This will be good since the weather is crummy and I cant do much outdoors anyway.

I think I am lucky I get to have the best of both worlds. I love sailing and the work going along with it. I love being a nurse and having the means to travel by boat to do it. I am blessed.


mommy nurse said...

do you have a helmet on! or extra cables in case you fall, what about a head trauma! oh fine, have fun!

Jerr Dunlap said...

Yes you are truly blessed! I'm glad you have friends to help explain things. Boats are easy but there's a lot to remember. If you ever need any advice, I'm a professional shipwright, rigger & instructor and would be happy to walk you through whatever it is.
Have a wonderful adventure!
- Jerr

Bob Fomenko said...

Nice blog.
As one nurse to another.
Wife and I are both RN's. Were going to travel and live aboard while we worked as well.. life happend.
Now happily fixing our E40 for cruising full time in 11 years or so..
Have fun,