Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So after I picked up Ursula we went through the night through to the Cape Cod Canal...it was phenomenal, lights lit up on both sides, we slithered along at 8m/hr (that's fast for me) at half throttle, the river to ourselves and the waters calm. Well for a while anyway...the rest of the night/early morning was a little more rough. Winds picked up to the point had to pull in some sail...I did the jib first but it got all tangled in the wind, we then jibed a few times causing the main sail tracks on the sail to snap...every one. Ursula proved herself seaworthy by steering the best she could while I managed the sails. We arrived later that afternoon in Portsmouth, ME or is it NH? Its on the boarder, I guess we took the Maine side. We took a mooring, rested (I slept for 15 hours), refueled and headed across the bay for the next 300 miles to Lockport, Nova Scotia where we are now. I got a bunch of errands done with the help of the friendly people of Lockport such as faxing, copying, mailing, Internet, even got a ride to the gas station to fill up my jerry cans and later tonight showers at the home of one of the people from the town hall. It was nice to be taken care of...probably they felt sorry for my matted hair, gasoline smelling body and very red windburned face.

The plan is to make a 24 hour or so jump up to Halifax through some pretty ugly weather tomorrow and be done. Just to reassure those who worry...we will pull into a port if it really is too bad out.

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