Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Review of Forespar Mini-Galley 2000

Originally submitted at Jamestown Distributors

Forespar’s Mini-Galley 2000 is a compact, versatile and fully gimbaled marine stove that is ideal for small cruisers or racers where space is at a premium. The included low profile mounting bracket allows the entire stove to be easily detached and stowed when not in use. The complete set...

Great...but mine had a flaw

By Sailor RN from New York, NY on 10/15/2009


4out of 5

Pros: Easy To Use, Compact, Convenient, Attractive Design

Cons: Leaks

Best Uses: Simple Meals

Describe Yourself: Casual Cook

I Am A: Single Female

I love this stove! Works great for underway passages for simple meals. However, mine had a leak and had fire shooting out the side as the propane was still feeding it. It currently is at the manufacturer with a new one on its way back to me. They said out of 100 sold 6 had defects, 2 had significant leaks 1 of those was mine. I miss it terribly and highly recommend it!



Byron Stephen said...

I agree, the stove is great but DO NOT "buy" it from discountmarine dot com. as they are a rip off and my credit card co. is in the process of refunding the charge which was fraud. I originally ordered from Jamestown which IS a GREAT company but they were backordered (needed it fast)so I searched and found them "in stock".
If Jamestown doesn't have them yet - wait.

Jerr Dunlap said...

Good point, Byron. I've come across a couple rip-off companies online, as well. Online, I never buy the lowest price. Also, 6% defect rate!?! That's terrible! And 2% with hazardous defects? Completely unacceptable, awful, cheap and any other adjective. I'm simply amazed. I've eyed these units and have been thinking of recommending them but I'll look for the genuine article first. Problems like this are due to cheap (usually Chinese) manufacturing.

I saw a propane explosion in a boat, from a leak like you're describing. The man was in shock, with no skin on his front. The paramedics said no one lives with that level of trauma. Please be safe and don't use mickey-mouse propane stoves! Inside the boat, the propane can collect and literally fill the boat, exploding from poor electrical connection.

Princess Stoves in Los Angeles manufactures their own and their quality and service are terrific. Family-owned & operated.

Great blog and I'm looking forward to following you! Please feel free to ask any questions - I'm a professional shipwright & rigger and am happy to help.
Happy sailing!
- Jerr