Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dismal Swamp Canal

Dismal Swamp Canal with this hazy weather...is quite dismal. The Dismal Swamp Canal was the first canal built in the Americas. We learned from the lock master Rob that the canal name came from the surveyor marking out the border between Virginia and North Carolina. The team he was working with ran out of whiskey and became very difficult to work with. In his notes about the area he wrote that the land was dismal, unfit for human habitation. We have been puttering along at Chanty's max motor speed of a whopping 5.5 m/hr today hoping to hit all of the bridges and locks at just the right times since they only open 3-4 times a day.


Lucille said...

Hope you are loving the Dismal Swamp travels. Where and who did you spend your Thanksgiving with? How is the weather/winds. How long before you round the tip of Fla. or are you using a shortcut?

Roger John Jones said...

We left the St. Mary's River after the annual cruisers Thanksgiving dinner (90 boats) and headed south outside to St. Johns. We heard at least 5 boats go around on the ICW between St. Mary's and St. Johns. Be careful and transit this area on a rising tide. The charts - particularly in the Nassau Sound near 45/46 are wrong due to recent shoaling.