Sunday, November 22, 2009

Norfolk, VA

Morning on the Atlantic along Jersey Coast
Chrysler Building
my work from the East River
One of Hell's gates bridges
We are in Norfolk,VA. It took 50 hours. We had a great sail considering its November. Sun the first day on our way out down the East River. That night was West winds with 3-5ft waves. Even saw dolphins in the dark...really cool. Saturday was partly sunny with wind and waves dying down in the evening giving us a quiet sail the rest of the way. We reached Norfolk this afternoon...the entrance to the Inter Coastal Waterway. Will be glad to get going to still warmer weather.


Jerr Dunlap said...

Congratulations on your progress to warmer weather!
- Jerr

Mr. Hjertø said...

Hi Rachael. I am a fellow sailor, I'm currently in Newport RI. We are waiting for parts for our Volvo P engine and are hoping to get going south to St. Barts ASAP. Check out my blog if you'll bother ;)There are some stuff there from my homeland Norway and there will be more about our trip from Norway through Iceland, Greenland and Canada to RI. The boat i'm on is named Maryam, if you see us, hail us.
Fair winds to you!
www between-waypoints blogspot com
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