Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Bye NYC...Hello Warm Weather

I have left Consolidated and am on my way to Sarasota, FL. I will be working for the next 13 weeks. Rolland is here to help me. It is nice to have my good friend here to share another adventure with.

I am ready to leave NY and head to some warmer weather.

Having some trouble uploading pictures...hope to have some soon.


Bob Fomenko said...

Sarasota is a nice town. Good beaches. Sailing is not to great.. winds are usualy tame.
If your going to the HCA hospital there... and to the cvicu.. I have a good friend there. She left Corpus Christi to settle there.
Be prepared for very crazy times. Winter in Florida is not fun for the working RN. Very crazy. Still the off hours will more than make up for it.
Fair winds

Ren said...

We'll be in Orlando in Jan. Sarasota is less than an hour drive and it would be great to catch up!
Good-bye NY! The warm weather and ocean breezes of the Gulf should be a welcome change!

Life 102 said...

Oh Rachael! As excited as I am for you, I was so hoping to get to NYC to visit you and check out your setup. Dang! Too bad your life isn't centered around me (c:
Glad Rolland will be sailing with you, that should make for some great time to catch up.
I'll email you soon!