Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hawai'i Vacation- Day 2- Beaches, Waterfalls and Parks.

My second day was Sunday and the local bus doesn't run this day.  So again got on the bike and did some exploring on my own.  First I headed down toward the beaches.  There were so many to stop at and they were all so different than the beached I am used to.  Very rocky for a little distance from shore breaking the waves leaving nice little pools to wade in.   

 As I was looking out at the scenery and taking it all in from a tall lava rock I saw something in the water.  At first glance it just looked like a rock but there were 3 of them that were moving.  They were sea turtles swimming in one of the large pools of water.  I went in to get a closer look.  So cool!

My next stop was going to be a bit of a ride, an up hill excursion to Rainbow Falls.  After finally getting there and totally exhausted this was it.  Just a little trickle off the mountain.  So I went on to explore on top of the falls...I was not disappointed.

I found up there some teenagers jumping off high cliffs but I wasn't so sure it was the safest thing to do.  Then I saw a woman who told me that those were her kids and she was watching over them .  Apparently they come here often and do this as a family thing.  That was enough for me, I was hot from that bike ride...I went for a swim.
The girl in the blue swimsuit just jumped from where those kids are standing on very far upper right. I only dared jumping from where that person is standing on the middle left of the photo...well I climbed down as far as I could and jumped about like 8 feet (about half the distance that water fall is falling).  

This picture below is the area of water that flows down into the waterfall shown 2 pictures above.  I so wish I had a way to take pictures of the beauty that I witnessed going even farther past where you see me.  Falls every where going into little pools with sun pouring down warming me (the water was freezing).
I am standing by the falls

 Me swimming

After that I wanted to check out the Boiling Pots water falls up the hill another mile or so.  At first from the viewing point it was just..meh.  Then I saw some other people way down there so I jumped the fence too. 
 I found a more impressive and higher water fall than the others.  I ventured over there and went for a swim there too.  I thought Rainbow Falls was cold...this was suck the breath out of you cold.  That swim didn't last long.

 The picture above is a close up of the picture above that.  These pictures just don't do the these two fall justice.  There were so high.

After the waterfalls I biked back to town...well, I never peddled once and rode the brakes for portions of the  way.  It was so fun gliding down the hill that I had to tell someone about it.  So the poor girl I ordered ice cream from at the bottom of the hill was polite and humored my excitement.  Any way, once back to town I stopped at a nice park with a geocache in it.  There were tons of these types of trees around.

It was a great exploring day on the bike.

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