Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vote for this Picture

A while back I submitted a few photos in a contest for the magazine Boat US.  I was happy to see that the photo below made honorable mention and that the one above taken of Precipice by Rolland actually made the first cut!   Now its up to voters.  Click here to see a bunch of good boating pictures and cast your vote for Precipice!

Honorable Mention


Jennifer said...

I voted! But I can't see your honorable mention won't seem to load for me. :-(

Anonymous said...

Are you heading down towards the Baja, Mexico? We are here, leaving our boat for a year on the hard here, returning to set off into the Pacific March 2012. Maybe our wakes will cross? Some friends mentioned Precipice's journey to us, very interesting. And yes, we voted for your picture. Nina and Henrik, Co26 Bika

Life 102 said...

I voted too! There were some fun photos there, enjoyed looking through everyone's photos. I think your's was waay better than honorable mention though.