Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hawai'i Vacation- Day 5- Waipi'o Valley and an afternoon drive

So on this day I tried out riding a horse.  There were many horses with strange Hawaiian names...thank goodness mine was just "Sally."  Any way Waipi'o Valley was very beautiful.  Way back when people first started living here the only was in was by canoe.  Now there is a super steep drive that you need 4wheel drive to get in and out of it.  Only a handful of people live down there.  When there are Tsunami warnings the whole valley evacuates.  A few times the valley has been totally destroyed and flooded.

Overview of the Valley

My horse "Sally"

Me and Sally

The rest of the afternoon I took a drive through the middle of the Island and found a few geocaches.  It was probably one of the best times of the whole trip.  Going from beach to valley to rain forest to hills to mountains in the clouds all in one afternoon and then back again all ending with a magnificent sunset.  

Very satisfied


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Ren said...

So jealous!
I need to start saving my pennies that so we can make this trip a reality...
And I CAN'T believe that you were in Alaska and Hawaii within weeks of each other!
I'd like to take this moment to restate the jealous...