Tuesday, July 29, 2008

3 Sisters


Jed and Bianca

Bianca, Onica and Jannelle

Rolland, Deb, Onica, Marica, Bianca, Jannelle, Jed and Zack's arm

Onica, Jannelle, Binaca, Jed and Zack. They found some snow
outside an ice rink and had a mini snwball fight in the middle
of summer.
So the train was 45 minutes delayed because we hit a tree and broke some sort of air hose. Bummer...i was so sleep deprived with only 2 hours of train sleep after a whole night of work, i was getting cranky, ready to off the train and in need of a good nights sleep. So i arrived in Essex-junction about 9:35pm. I saw Marcia looking for me and looking right past me. Didn't she recognize me? My goodness we are unmistakably sisters. She saw me when I was right in front of her and waving my hand in her face. We were both a little tired. We still had to drive about an hour to get to her home in Salisbury. We had a good ride catching up on the latest in life. We got home and realized i didn't take my passport of birth certificate. What the heck was i thinking!!! I will deal with it in the morning. I hit the hay and didn't move the entire night. I was up by 8:00am and called my trusty friend Lucile to see if she was at her boat and could she please go in my boat and get my documents and fax them to me??? She was a doll and got right on it. The plan was to leave by 10:00am...well it ended up being a little later after running errands on our way. After a few more hours of traveling with 3/5 of the Nop kids and Marcia we arrived in Cornwall, Canada. We found Rolland in the parking lot looking for us and directing us where to go. All the cousins gave each other hugs and greetings. We then all went for a nice walk and found a place for the kids to take a swim on the St. Lawrence river. It was very enjoyable for us all. We stopped at a play ground and the kids had a blast on this teeter-totter type thing. Marcia and Deb were getting giddy with the camera, taking pictures of themselves. They were laughing so hysterically we were all laughing. Soon it was time to eat supper...Deb and Marcia walked to the super market. Soon Will (Marcia's husband) arrived with the other 2 kids and we all feasted on hamburgers, hot dogs and cheese kurls. It was a very satisfying meal. We cleaned up and the Nop Family was on their way again (to Michigan to visit mom and dad and the rest of our Scholten family through the night). I spent the night on Precipice with the Trowbridge family and set my alarm for 5:00am. I awoke with a startle and hauled my carcass out of bed (as Jennifer Kragt would say) and took the Nop's farm car back to the train station (3 hours) to head back to NYC and here I am, on the Train and hoping there will be no delays so that I can make it to work with no problems. I already know what subways i have to take, i have my uniform and name tag...good to go.
It was a good reunion and hope it can be done again sometime soon. The Nops should be in Michigan now and Trowbridges are going for a bike ride today, and me back to NYC.


mommy nurse said...

Hi! I finally worked at St's this past week and found you blog so I am all caught up. The night crew has really changed alot! It looks like you are having a great time. Have fun for all of us land lovers!

Anna said...

Well Rach-- sounds like amazing fun.. and definately something different! We thought dearly of you today cleaning out the fridge...many yougurts looking for you....