Monday, July 4, 2011


Bianca and Jannelle
Took a walk along the beach with Jannelle and Bianca on the way to the old Gold dredger that is on display now.  Was a beautiful but still chilly day.

 Inactive Gold Dredge

Deb and Rolland are taking care of Max.  Max is a native (Eskimo).  He is two and pretty good kid and  laughs a lot.


Life 102 said...

1st-happy belated birthday, sorry I missed it. 30 is not really that different from 29 ey? That's how I feel most of the time, except bedtime, that's earlier now. :) 2nd- you take such great pictures, I love how you catch your subjects and their background. 3rd- the girls look so grown up! Wow. And a sled dog team? Seriously? Does this mean they are planning on staying in Nome for a while? Tell Rolland to update his blog man!! Curious minds want to know. :) happy 4th! Glad you had some time with the fam.

Jennifer said...

I just want to co-sign everything Jenn said. Happy Birthday, great pictures and dogs?! Cool. How long will you be in Nome? Miss you!