Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hiking on Catalina Island

I am the red one.

View of Catalina Harbor on the left opening to the ocean on the right

View from Silver Peak

When I decided to go to Catalina Island I wanted to go on the "quieter side."  So to Cat Harbor I went.  Catalina Harbor is on the west side of island but it is practically a lake and very protected.  The moorings for the most part were plenty and I didn't need a reservation.  But of coarse they didn't have correct mooring size available for my boat so I had to be by the next size up moorings which made me look really small.  

I arrived later in the afternoon so I made hamburgers and got ready for the next day of biking around.  I rented a mountain bike and head north on the east side of the island.  This place was very hilly which I knew there would be a lot of walking up hills with the bike which also meant and nice ride with down hills too.  I passed by many really cool little coves that fit 2-5 boats in it and few other smaller mooring fields.  It was just so pretty and so many places to explore and see.  

The day after that were spent hiking on trails that were definitely not biker friendly.  I walked the 4mile plus up (steep) hill hike to reach Silver Peak to get a good 360 view of the Island (plus there was a geocache there).  It was so worth it, not a soul in site just me and the view.  It was a clear day so I could see the main land of San Pedro.  I ate my packed lunch and enjoyed the solitude, feeling good about getting here.

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Life 102 said...

so you've healed from your Nome adventure run? (c: Glad you had a good time! Looks lovely.