Sunday, July 3, 2011

There's no place like Nome


For the July 4 weekend I am Nome another time visiting the Trowbridge family.  Even though its summer it is still cool for me in the 40-50's.  The sun is up all 24hrs of the day.  The night hours 0200-0300, there is sort of a dusk.  

Yesterday we did some four wheeling up in the mountains to get to those long lost geocaches that haven't been found for long time.  One hadn't been found for 2 years.  Still there though, it was a rough ride on the tundra to get there.  I see why no one has ventured up there for a while.  

Bianca on the 4 wheeler

Rolland's dirt bike

Meekis...a bit shy.
It was my 30th birthday last week, so we had small b-day celebration.  Jannelle baked a cake and we ate it a la mode.

The Trowbridges a few months ago bought a sled dog team.  Now that its summer they get their exercise by using the 4 wheeler as their sled.  Very interesting.


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