Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bar Harbor, ME

Jordan Pond, Arcadia National Park
I am currently in Bar Harbor Maine on Dessert Island. This is were Arcadia National Park Lives (2nd most visited national park to Yellowstone). Lots of nature and hiking, biking, boating, etc places to go (with the FREE shuttle buses that take you every where).

Two nights ago spent the night at a dock with shore power for my electrical heater to give Chanty and good "dry out." I paid way too much to stay there with limited facilities not to mentions a rocky night...but at least everything is dry and cozy. I then spent yesterday hiking around Jordan pond. Very beautiful...the pictures just don't compare.

Really cool walk ways along Jordan Pond

Last night I moved Chanty to an anchorage area. At low tide in the photo below you can see this bar of sand that people take their cars out to and drive across to see Bar Island. When I first got to Bar Harbour it was high tide and this is not visible. I was going to cut through this area until I saw a person walking quite far out. I was thinking that maybe she had on special water walking shoes...uh, no. I changed my mind about that route very quickly.
Low Tide

View of the bar from Bar Island

View of Bar Harbor from Bar Island Summit

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Life 102 said...

hope you are staying dry Rachael, saw a big storm running it's coarse of the East Coast... sounds beautiful out there. Enjoy your time sailing!