Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Great Cranberry Island

Great Cranberry Island was a nice place to visit. I came to hike a few trails and stopped at the Museum. The museum was the smallest I have ever seen. One corner was about boat building, the other was the Hitty Doll corner as you can see above, one corner was the "store," and the other was a collection of history stuff and nick knacks. The museum was already closed...but was opened just for me and even got a personal tour. Apparently, the Hitty Doll book is quite a hit. Hitty I guess was a super miniature wooden doll that a girl buys from an antique store back in the 1920's. The doll was already 100 years old. So the girl who buys this doll eventually writes a book from the doll's perspective about her life and all of its owners. The "tour guide" said that people come in with their entire wooden doll collections and have quite a time in the Hitty Doll corner.

I am really getting around.

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