Saturday, July 11, 2009

The latest

Some very needed blue skis!

Handy Dandy sea stove

Steve in the usual foul weather gear we ALWAYS had to wear for the rainy weather, oh ya...and the hail!

The latest is...Steve hopped of the boat last Monday at the Bras D'or lakes and got a flight back to St John's. Steve, for those wondering who he is, is a friend of Deb and Rolland's who not only helped me sail the boat for a bit before I was on my own but helped with all of the pre-departure stuff. Thanks Steve! Since then I have made it to Halifax and stayed here for 3 nights. Figured out the wind vane with a sailor who has one here. Feel much better about that. Also, I have been doing things like provisioning and getting charts and the like. Today I went to a Scottish festival in Dartmouth. Lots of bag pipes, drums and skirts. Very interesting! I was a little bummed when my camera stopped working...i forgot to take the extra battery...BA! None of the other Nikon users took along an extra or a charger either. I managed to get about 5 pictures.

So the plan is probably to leave tomorrow to Yarmouth and then onto some time in Maine. I hear it really pretty there.

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