Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lockeport, NS

I think these used to be jelly fish.

A little island call Little Hope II. This guy is hopeless.

Made a short trip to Lockeport a little fishing harbor. Got some fuel, oil and water...good to go for a while. The plan is to make the jump over the Maine now. It will for sure be and overnight trip. No wind, no waves, lots of fuel and lots of motor. It should be an easy overnighter...hopefully.

Any way, had some time to go exploring. The lady at the hardware store recommended their famous beach, Crest Beach. Very beautiful. Took a super long walk down a self guided walking tour. Very pleasant and nice to move a little. Later some other sailors came...we all ate a great spaghetti dinner made by Ed. Thanks Ed! Very much needed instead of something from the can. We did some trading of food and also did a book swap with Doug. Thanks Doug for some new reading material! Also very much needed. I already started it. It was good to share stories and be social after a few days of being solo.

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